Hey, I'm Kristy!

I’m a Certified Life Coach and Podcast Host whose mission is to help empower women to rediscover themselves, their passion, and their joy so they can thrive in their lives and relationships. I want to support and inspire others in their own personal and spiritual growth and healing journeys.

I’m passionate about helping women who feel like they lost part of themselves along the way. Those who feel like they are just surviving but also know that they are here for more and are ready to stand in their own power.

I’m a wife and a mom to five wonderfully amazing boys. I had a prior career as an Emergency Room Nurse that I loved. In 2013, I lost my job, had gastric bypass surgery, and moved with my family to a new town. All of these life changes in such a short time, compounded with the stress of being a young mom with a large family, and I descended into a spiral of alcohol addiction. No longer able to numb my feelings and overwhelm with food, I had just transferred my addiction to another substance.

In 2016, I went to rehab for 30 days. Sobered up but then relapsed a few months later and got a DUI. I finally got my shit together and have been sober since June 2016. Since then, I’ve been constantly exploring who I am, what I am about, and how I can make the biggest impact, and have the most epic experiences for the rest of my time in this body.

The Self Project Studio was born from the belief that you are the greatest project you will ever work on. Investing time, energy, and money in yourself is priceless!

You are the greatest project you will ever work on


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I am a Life and Energy Coach, Reiki Master, and Podcast Host. 

I encourage women to rediscover who they are and thrive with self-care, energy work, and Human Design.

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