Let's dive into the magic that is you!

Feeling stuck sister? 

I got you!

I was exactly where you are and now I have made it my mission to help other moms overcome their doubts, fears, and feel confident standing in their power and in parenting their children.  I currently offer 1:1 coaching packages depending on your situation and need. 

Please book a 20 minute connection call first to determine how I can best help you and to make sure we are a good energetic fit.  

With my signature SHE system, I use your Human Design chart to help you get clear on, and manifest, your goals and desires for the 7 pillars of self-care: Physical, Emotional/Mental, Financial, Relationships, Spirituality, Purpose, and Environment.  We then use energy healing to clear out old beliefs and to set new intentions.


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I am a Life and Energy Coach, Reiki Master, and Podcast Host. 

I encourage women to rediscover who they are and thrive with self-care, energy work, and Human Design.

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