the power of human design for kids

Human Design is a combination of ancient teaching systems and modern science and can help you have a better understanding of your personality, your health, your talents, your wisdom, your vulnerabilities, and much more.  Know who you are, how your energy works, how you communicate most effectively, and how you can make decisions that are in alignment with your true nature. 

Each of us has a unique energetic blueprint and being able to tap into this has been a game changer for my own life and relationships.  Beginning to learn about my own children’s Human Design chart offered me so much insight into how I could interact with them in a different way and how I could encourage them to thrive on a completely different level.

One of my boys was diagnosed with ADHD early on and once I learned about Human Design, I could recognize all these energetic traits he had and use a different approach with him.  Another of my sons is a Projector but also loves playing sports.  Knowing that he was prone to burn out would have caused me to be particularly mindful of his schedule and allowing for plenty of periods of rest.   And this just scratches the surface!

what kinds of things can we look at in their chart?

  • What types of environments will my child thrive best in?

  • Will they burn out quickly or do they need to burn off a lot of energy with more physical exercise?

  • How can I help them sleep better?

  • What’s the best diet type for them?

  • What influences might they be extra susceptible to?

  • How can you help them to find their joy?

  • How can you teach them about making aligned decisions by tuning into themselves?

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I am a Life and Energy Coach, Reiki Master, and Podcast Host. 

I encourage women to rediscover who they are and thrive with self-care, energy work, and Human Design.

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